Saturday, October 24, 2020

Navratri Golu 2020

1000s of years of epics, 100s of years old Bommai(dolls), Music, Songs, Sundals, Costumes, Traditions, Kolams, Lamps, Decorations, Chit-chats, Gifts, Prayers, Invitations, Visits- they all go by the single name of Navaratri Golu. This pandemic may have simmered down the usual flurry of visitations to our friends' and relatives', and the infinite packets of sundals that we can munch on, but the spirit is still there. 

I have some great memories when it comes to Golus. I have been a regular to all the Golu houses of my friends and neighbours, and have always been made to sing something from my Carnatic music lessons. I remember I used to sing the same song in every house (because that just makes it easier), while my mom used to try and make me sing different songs in different houses. 

We used to really love going to the Golu display in Ayodhya Mandapam, in my locality, and enjoy the themes and stories on display for the year. From 2012 till 2014, I put up a series of photos on the blog during Navaratri every year. You can see them here: 

In school, we celebrated every festival, and Navaratri Golu was no exception! I remember in Class V, we actually made a three-steps Golu set-up in our classroom in school, and each of us brought a few dolls to collectively celebrate. Some of them even prepared and got sundal every day! 

I miss going to the Ayodhya Mandapam Golu this year, and putting up lovely pictures for all to see, but we shall look forward to it next year! 

Happy Navaratri!

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