Saturday, October 17, 2020

Learning Every Day

Today, I read one of the best posts on Brain Pickings- 13 Life-Learnings from 13 Years of Brain Pickings. The learning was as beautiful as this wonder blog, and the blog is a true reflection of those lessons. From generosity in giving credit, to being able to unlearn and "allowing the luxury of changing your mind", Brain Pickings has covered so many subtle, important lessons. 

It got me thinking how much I have learnt throughout so many years, and particularly this year. I am not going to make a list right now about the lessons, we can save that for another day. But, what I was thinking about today was how having a blog or a platform opens up so many portals of understanding, reflection, and constant learning. The whole process just makes you better, and pushes you to keep going. 

The best part about doing this is how it turns out to be a learning process all the time, including the times when you're not really doing a great job of it. You learn to value your thoughts, your environment, your activities, your time, your life, and yourself. It ensures that you keep learning, and you are never stagnant. It feels really beautiful to have this going for yourself. 

And, the learning doesn't stop there. You learn from what you run your blog on. You learn from books, movies, writers, poets, bloggers, other services, and literally anything that you can grab on to. The process is so powerful that when you look back at your learning it looks like you are scaling a mountain, but all you do is take a step each day! The list is endless. 

I felt really nice reading Popova's post. And, I thought I should do something similar at a later time, when I have really assimilated more through consistent learning and sharing. You should definitely take a look at this post. Just like everything else in that favourite blog, this one too is absolutely beautiful! 

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