Monday, October 5, 2020

How To Untangle Long Hair

For the longest time when I was young, untangling my hair without pulling it too hard was a major issue. And, entangled hair was actually a big scare for me. I am sure many of you have figured out a way to keep your hair untangled, or have figured how to remove those tangles in a proper manner. But, I still wanted to put this up so that if even one of you find this better, then I'd feel very happy because I know what a pain it is to untangle hair when you just try to brush it and end up pulling out more hair. 

So, this is a way I observed and learnt when I once went to get my long hair cut off till my chin, many years ago. And, since then- I have never ever had a problem in removing tangles in my hair. I just use a basic comb that has two rows of teeth- one slightly wider, and the other with narrow gaps. I have had even the most terribly tangled hair removed smoothly and easily by doing this- so, check it out!

1. Part the volume of your hair from the centre of your forehead into two sort-of-equal halves on either side. 
2. Start with one side, and twist tightly (the entire volume of one side) like how you'd twist a single rope. Go on with the twisting till there is very little free hair left at the bottom.
3. Take the wider-gap part of the comp, and remove the tangles on that bottom part of the free hair.
4. Once it has absolutely no tangles on that part of the hair, release a little more hair from the twist, and comb it again until there are no tangles.
5. Repeat the same for the entire length of hair on one side, slowly releasing the twist little by little till the whole side is tangle-free!
6. Repeat the same on the other side. 

This may sound like an elaborate process- but it takes much, much lesser time than trying to comb the entire volume directly in the hope of removing tangles. It is a foolproof way to remove every single tiniest tangle on your hair. And, the best part about this is you almost lose somewhere between less to absolutely zero strands of hair. This is because there is no pressure or tugging of the hair as you comb, on your scalp. 

I have been doing this for years now, and figuring this has been a boon because tangled hair was a priority problem for me when I did not know how to undo it without any pulling my hair painfully. I remember that I even wrote a poem on it because that's how much I was bothered about tangles! If you have any other way that you think can help people untangle their hair, please share in the comments!

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