Sunday, October 4, 2020

Fundamental Aspects Of A Good Blog: Learning Over The Years

A couple of months ago, someone had asked me how to set-up and focus on a blog, and I gave them a few general pointers, though a blog is mostly about shaping it the way you want it to be perceived. But, there are some general things that one must focus on to have a Blog that is easier and more interactive with the readers/audience. So, here are the fundamental aspects that I have learnt over these years for a good blog:

1. Consistency. I have been in phases where I had a couple of posts going every month, and I have been in a phase where I had like 1-2 posts a year. But, right now,  I am in the phase where I write every single day, and I have seen my blog and the response it gets on all three of these phases. The more you write, and the more you share, the more traction your blog gets. So, you can start with two or three posts every week, or whatever number you are comfortable with. Start by writing regularly and consistently. 

2. Editorial. Before you start your blog, have a set of 10-20 posts written and ready, so that you are covered for the first 3-5 weeks of blogging, and during this time you can keep writing more. This is called creating an editorial that can ensure that you always have content for your blog, and it helps your blog be consistent. Consistency is very important for your blog to be recognized. The key to a good blog is writing regularly, and no amount of emphasis on this point can be considered as over-doing.

3. Taglines. Have a tagline for the blog. For example, my blog says "Sandhya's Blog: What To Read". Now, a tagline is supposed to help anyone who comes to your blog know what they should expect from the Blog. My blog focuses mainly on books and book reviews, and hence gives the readers insights on 'what to read'. Hence, the tagline. Decide the wide theme of your blog, and keep a suitable tagline that lets people know what to expect!

3. Use tags or labels for every blog post. Labels are like keywords that categorize your posts. Try to categorize what you write and put them in their particular labels, this will help you to maintain the profile of your blog, or what your blog is for. It also helps in search engines pick up your post as a result if someone searches using those keywords(after your blog gets sufficient traction, of course).

4. Let people know. Share your content across the social platforms that you are active in- Twitter and Facebook are some of the usual ones that give your post a good reach. You can ask your friends to read and give you suggestions/feedback. You can use services like IFTTT to automatically share your new blog post on social media as soon as it is published. 

5. Check regularly if someone has left comments on your blog, and always make sure you reply to them. And, keep writing- your blog will automatically grow!

There are many, many more points that I can keep adding, but these are absolute basics that we need to keep up till as long as we blog. The moment we get into the groove, I can assure that we'll be learning much more soon enough on what kind of posts you want to write, and what kind of posts get the most views! If you want ideas for creating your editorial and on what to blog about (if you haven't already decided), check out my post on 10 Things You Can Blog About.

All the very best, and write confidently! Blogging has been one of the most enjoyable activity for me, and I have found myself reading and writing more than ever before! Do share the link of your Blog after you set it up! And, if you have any doubts, questions, or anything at all, do feel free to ask. I'll definitely try to help you out to the best of what I have learnt over these years!

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