Thursday, October 8, 2020

Experience With A Legal Startup

Last month, I interned with a new born Legal-Techno-business start-up: Lexavant LLP. This startup mainly focuses on aiding entrepreneurs set up their businesses, with a clear legal checkup on the relevant permissions and compliance they need to follow under the many different laws in India. The idea of working with a new-born initiative in law, and the idea of being able to view so many laws from the entrepreneurial perspective is what motivated me towards this internship.

I worked with the Blogging team, and my main contribution was writing entrepreneur-oriented articles with sound legal research on a law that they assigned for me. I wrote two articles on Agricultural Laws in India for entrepreneurs. If you actually look at it, new generation farmers are looking to many avenues that have a huge potential for commercial entrepreneurship. For example, one of my articles was on the seed industry, an avenue that is becoming increasingly privatized in India. And, another one of my articles was on the opportunities of intellectual property rights and recognition for farmers and their plant varieties! There really is so much opportunity to innovate, grow, and contribute as an entrepreneur in any field today!

Another project that I was involved in during this stint with Lexavant was preparing checklists. This is something that I had already done extensively when I interned with corporate firms. One of the widely appreciated and used checklists that I had prepared during my previous internship was of compliances that need to be followed in Related Party transactions under the Companies Act, SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, and SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations. I had also dealt with checklists for arbitration procedures under HKIAC rules.

But, these checklists that I did with Lexavant were more fun to do for me because they were things that we as people deal with and see in our day-to-day lives: like the compliance list for making an app, and the compliance for someone to build a residential township! I really had a nice time writing those articles. 

Overall, the internship was a very different experience because of 3 things:

1. It is the first time I am interning online. So, there wasn't much of the usual brainstorming or face-to-face idea-sharing that usually happens when people work on a project. 

2. This was a very new start-up, and they had just begun. So, they are still working on their website, and content, and putting their things together. So, the extreme professional air was not really there- at least on the online front. But, that also made us more comfortable to talk to them any time we needed something without second thoughts. 

3. This was a blogging internship. So, there was actual finished product to the legal research that I did through that week. This is rarely the case when we intern under lawyers in a firm, or otherwise. So, I really liked being a "blogging" intern. 

I had a very different, fresh experience with Lexavant. The best part was that I was learning, and so were they! Internships like these definitely give you a fresher perspective even if you go back to interning with big corporate firms. I enjoyed it!

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