Thursday, October 22, 2020

7 Favourite Posts

I believe in writing and publishing only what I like, always. But, there are some days when you love your post, and some days when you just like it. The days you absolutely love your post, in an over-the-top way,  and you are really proud of what you have written is something you have in mind forever. So, here are the top 7 favourites of what I have written in my blog in the last 318 days of everyday blogging!

1. #DayOne : Well, this one makes me so happy I took that first step to revive what had become a stagnant blog. My dad said that when he read that post again recently, he felt I had upheld what I had started out (at least up till today, as I write). This makes me very, very happy!

2.  I Am A Handbag, And This Is My Story  : This was such a very different story that I attempted, and I absolutely loved writing this one!!

3. The Nine Most Favourite Characters: All Time (And, Six Of Them Happen To Be Women!) : I loved the fact that so many fictional women actually inspire me since my young days! This was again something that was really enjoyable to write, and I loved how it turned out. 

4. The Idea Of Cleanliness : I wrote this after I was inspired by a tweet! And, I loved the tweet, and I loved writing it in the story format. 

5. Catching A Vibe : Writing about the music I started finding after getting into college, from the music that I was exposed to through my schooldays, was such an interesting and reflective piece. I am so happy I wrote about it.

6. A Natural : This is a poem that I wrote, and I think I love it because I really believe in it. 

7. Gripped In Doubt : Another story that I wrote, and was very happy the way it turned out!

The one that didn't make the cut, but is again a favourite is Before Sunset. This took me to the sunset at the beach as I wrote it, and I hope it would do the same to you. Let me know which is your favourite post in my blog. This list does not include any reviews that I wrote, but only the ideas I explored, but you could include those while you pick out your favourite!

Happy reading!

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