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Great Morden Lives : Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens, 1858
Charles Dickens, 1858 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Charles Dickens was born on 1812 in Portsmouth. Till the age of 12, he went to Mr.Gill’s school in Chantham. On his twelfth birthday he was sent out to work in Warren’s blacking factory. After that his father was arrested for a £40 debt and was sent to the Marshalsea, the debtors’ prison. Dickens worked hard and got his father out of prison. The poverty Charles Dickens experienced in his childhood days greatly influenced his writing. He was a reporter for sometime and then decided to become a fulltime author. On his 24th birthday, he published the books "Sketches by Boz", Illustrative of everyday life and everyday people. He completed writing The Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby, The Old Curiosity Shop and Barnaby Rudge before going on first trip to America. After his return from America he wrote a second group of works which include Martin Chezzlewit, Dombey Son and David Copperfield, Christmas stories, Bleak House, Hard Times and Little Dorrit. Later he wrote Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, Our Mutual Friend and the unfinished Edwin Drood. In 1870, after two years of ill health, he died at his home in Kent. Earlier the day he had worked on his mystery story Edwin Drood. There were many political and social reforms after Charles’s death. Schools became better than those he depicted in Nicholas Nickleby, there was imprisonment of dept and hospital nurses improved on Mrs.Gamp. It is Dicken’s books which cured the evils of his time.

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